Televac® MP3DR Hot Ion Digital Vacuum Gauge

Not recommended for new designs.
Replaced by Televac® MP7FR Double Inverted Magnetron Cold Cathode Active Gauge PN 2-7970-XYY.

Part Numbers: 2-2100-31, 2-7990-101, 2-7990-131, 2-7990-152

Features and Benefits:

  • Measures from 1*10-2 Torr to 1*10-10 Torr
  • Dual coated and supported filaments for maximum life
  • Exceptionally low x-ray limit of < 1*10-10 Torr
  • One-button electronic selection of filament
  • CF-type seals and 10-11 std. cc/s helium leak rate ensures reliable UHV operation
  • Simple design means trouble-free years of productive use in the most difficult applications
  • Bakeable to 200 °C (sensor only)
  • Four-digit LED
  • Selectable emission current
  • Time-selectable degas
  • Dual TTL set points for process control
  • RS-232/485 digital communication
  • 11.5 V to 30 V DC control interface power switch

The Televac® MP3DR is a miniature Bayard-Alpert high-vacuum sensor and integral control electronics in a compact envelope. It is designed to be closely coupled to the user’s vacuum system and to provide a local pressure indication and/or digital interface to a computer control system. The MP3DR derives its performance strength from Televac®’s cutting-edge miniature Bayard-Alpert ionization sensor and user-friendly operation from its intuitive control and display interface.

Measurement Range 1*10-2 Torr to 1*10-10 Torr
Sensitivity for Nitrogen 10/Torr
Degas PowerDegas Power 5 W e-beam
Bakeout Temperature (sensor only) 200 °C
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
X-ray Limit < 1*10-10 Torr
Filament Emission Current 0.01 mA, 0.1 mA, 1.0 mA or Auto
Filament Bias Potential 30 V ± 0.3%
Grid Potential 180 V ± 0.3%
Filament Heating Voltage 1.5 V (2.5 V max.)
Filament Heating Current 2 A (3 A max.)
Mounting Orientation Any
Control System
Power Input 11.5 V to 30 V DC @ 750 mA
Display Segmented, blue-green
Process Control Outputs Two each TTL
Digital Communications RS-232/485
Power/Signal Connector 15-pin d-sub
Digital Port Dual, 6-pin modular
Physical Data
Height 5.25”
Diameter 3.00”
Weight 19.5 oz. (KF25 flange)
Operating Environment
Location Indoors
Altitude To 2000 m
Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Relative Humidity 80% RH to 31 °C
Installation Category II
MP3DR Hot Ion Part Number
KF25 Flange 2-7990-131
2.75” CF Flange 2-2100-31
1/8” NPT Stainless Steel 2-7990-152
1” Tubulation 2-7990-101